2019 – 2020 cohort (Cohort #11)

Cathy Alston
Director of Workforce Education, Green River College

Vicki Chew
Associate Dean of Instruction, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Kelli Johnston
Workforce Director, Tacoma Community College

Kenna May
Manager of Apprenticeship, Spokane Community College

Patricia Russell
Interim Associate Dean Healthcare & Human Services, Seattle Central College

Mary Beans
Lead Faculty, BAS Department, South Seattle College

Cristie Crawford
BAS Educational & Career Navigator, Walla Walla Community College

Katé Lyons-Holestine
Career & Technical Education Programs Director, Columbia Basin College

Rachelle McGinnis
Program Development Manager, Pierce College

Karen Townsend
Dean, Health & Human Services Division, Edmonds Community College

Stacy Woodruff
Tenured Professor, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Chris Chen Mahoney
Interim Dean of Academic Instruction, Clover Park Technical College

Shawna Freeman Lane
Business Faculty/Department Coordinator, Highline College

Tiffanie Maule
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Pierce College

Samantha Nelson
Director of I-BEST and Civics Education, Renton Technical College

Carolyn Watson
Associate Dean for Health Professions, Whatcom Community College

2018 – 2019 cohort (cohort #10) 

Bridgette Agpaoa Ryder
Human Resources Professor,Tacoma Community College

Anne Brackett
Faculty, Everett Community College

Ariane Hayes-Kouadio
Program Chair-Allied Health, Bellevue College

Julius Lloyd
BFET Coordinator, South Seattle College

Leanne Patricio
BAS Program Manager, Green River College

Melissa Rodriguez
Director of Allied Health & Safety, Walla Walla Community College

Stephanie Thompson
Health Sciences Coordinator, Tacoma Community College

Laura Baker
Associate Dean of AMTEC, Everett Community College

Patricia Chase
Admission Officer/Recruiter, Bates Technical College

Lori Hunt
Associate Dean of Student Success & Outreach, Spokane Community College

Tonya McCabe
Dean, Professional Technical Education, Bellingham Technical College

Tami Rable
Director of Workforce Education, Renton Technical College

Tiffany Smith-Fromm
Assistant Professor – Nursing/ Nursing Program Director, Pierce College

Mariela Barriga
Student Success Coordinator, Highline College

Justin Dampeer
Program Manager – Transition Success Center, Highline College

Jennifer Johnston
Program Manager, Healthcare Workforce Transitions, Highline College

Lisa Murray
Program Coordinator: Kinesiology, Nutrition, Health/Physical Education and Physical Therapy Assistant Program, Pierce College

Shanon Reedy
Principle Program Manager, Bellevue College

2017 – 2018 cohort (Cohort #9)

Anton Amaratunge
Aviation Maintenance Technology Instructor, South Seattle College

Armetta Burney
Director, Workforce Education Services, Clark College

Maria Galindo
Workforce Navigator, Skagit Valley College

Kevin House
Associate Dean, Corrections Education, Spokane Community College

Kao LéZheo
Program Director, Highline College

Monica Medrano
Workforce Education Services Coordinator & Working Student Success Network Grant Manager, Big Bend Community College

Mary Jane Oberhofer
Professor and Program Chair, Business & Logistics, Tacoma Community College

Douglas Rupik
Faculty, South Seattle College

Kari Sutlovich
Director – Open Doors Programs, Green River College

Michele Waltz
Director of Workforce Funding & Student Support, Bellingham Technical College

Karen Bolton
Guided Pathways Faculty Lead, Olympic College

Patrice Davis
Interim Director of Workforce Education, South Seattle College

Nolan Gruver
CWCE Workforce Continuing Education & Corporate Training Operations Manager, CCS Center for Workforce & Continuing Education

Krissy Kim
Director of Education Programs, Pierce College

Kimberly Mucke
Program Manager, Aviation Technology, Green River College

Michael Richmond
Department Chair/Professor-School of Transportation, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Aparna Sen
Faculty Director and Professor, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Jill Thornton
Employment and Internship Solutions Manager, Everett Community College

Dusty Wilson
Chair of Pure and Applied Science, Highline College

Samantha Bowen
Director, Early Childhood and Parenting Education, Walla Walla Community College

Jake Fay
Associate Dean of Bachelor and Workforce Education, Centralia College

Adria Harris
Director Workforce Education Seattle Central College and Seattle Vocational Institute, Seattle Central College

Brian Kneidl
Worker Retraining Coordinator, Peninsula College

Trish Newbold
Workforce Education Coordinator, Whatcom Community College

Gretchen Robertson
Inclusive Excellence Coordinator, BEdA Tenured Faculty, Skagit Valley College

Heidi Summers
Title III HSI‐STEM Director, Big Bend Community College

Joseph Walter
(New) Dean, Workforce Education and Transitional Studies, Wenatchee Valley College

2016 – 2017 cohort (cohort #8) 

Loyal Allen Jr.
Program Director of Workforce Education Services, Highline College

Char Gore
Program Chair AAS Health Information Technology/BAS Health Information Management and Acting Director of Applied Baccalaureate degree programs, Tacoma Community College

Walter Hudsick
Dean of Professional/Technical Education, Bellingham Technical College

Rickitia Reid
Program Manager, Professional Technical Education, Highline College

Chris Bell
Associate Dean, Office of Instruction, Bellevue College

Dani Gray
Director of Workforce Transitions, Spokane Falls Community College

Jayme Kaniss
Director of Workforce Education, Green River College

Barry Robinson
Dean of Instruction for Career and Technical Education, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Julia Zavodov
Program Manager, Office of Instruction, Bellevue College

Mostafa Ghous
Director of East County Campus, Everett Community College

Sarah Gray
Associate Dean for Workforce Education, Bellevue College

Alison Pugh
NSF Grant Director, South Seattle College

Theresa Stalick
Director of Transitional Studies, Lower Columbia College

2015 – 2016 cohort (Cohort #7)

Anna Baldwin
Interim Director, Workforce Projects, Seattle Colleges (District)

Mat Carlisle
SBCTC Program Administrator, Workforce Education, SBCTC

Brian Dudak
Assistant Dean of Adult Basic Education, Spokane Community College

Keeley Gant
Director for Tech Prep & Workforce Enrollment, Columbia Basin College

Jason Petrait
Director of Special Projects, South Seattle College, Georgetown Campus

Sarah Stiffler
Manager of Workforce and Student Transitions, Spokane Community College

Daneen Berry-Guerin
Dean, Professional Technical Education, Big Bend Community College

Lisa Chamberlin
Director of eLearning, Walla Walla Community College

Dan Ferguson
Director, Allied Health Center of Excellence, Allied Health Center of Excellence (hosted at Yakima Valley Community College)

Tamara Hilton
Art and Design Program Manager, Highline Community College

Dr. Carey Schroyer
  Associate Dean of Instruction, Edmonds Community College

Katie Viola
Director, Student Development, Lake Washington Technical College

Shereese Braun
Administrative and Budget Director, Workforce Education, Bellevue College

Cristeen Crouchet
Director of Workforce Development, Clover Park Technical College

Alison Fernandez
Director, Workforce Grants, Skagit Valley College

Monica Hospenthal
Program Director/Professor, Pierce College

Lora Senf
Dean of Business, Professional Studies and Workforce Education, Spokane Falls Community College

Tyler Wallace
Director of Adult Education, Big Bend Community College

2013 – 2014 cohort (cohort #6) 

Tamra Bell
Director of Work-Based Learning and External Outreach, Lower Columbia

Kim Davis
Director of Career Pathways Consortium, Skagit Valley

James Johnson
Special Assistant Program Manager/Coordinator, Military Programs, Pierce College

Tanya Powers
Workforce Advisor, Seattle Central Community College

Steven L. Thomas
Dean, North Seattle Community College

Christopher “Kip” Zwolenski
Director of Basic Academic Skills, Bellingham Technical College

Lynette Bennett
Health Grants Director (Project Manager), Bellingham Technical College

Jim Drinkwine
Faculty, Renton Technical College

Kristi Lagrutta
Student Success Specialist (Workforce Education Advisor), North Seattle

Robert Prosch
Interim Dean/Director of East County Campus, Everett Community College

Janice Walker
Director of Workforce Education, Whatcom Community College

Josh Clearman
Dean of Instruction: Trades, Technology, and Workforce, Green River Community College

Jaclyn Jacot
Director of ACT 2 and Career Transitions, IEL – Spokane

Jamilyn Penn
Associate Dean of Workforce and Economic Development & Health and Human Services, Clover Park

Michael Reese
Assistant Director, Experiential Learning, Bellevue Community College

Tamar Zere
Director of Workforce Education, Green River Community College

2011 – 2012 cohort (Cohort #5)

De Etta Burrell
Basic Studies Instructor, Renton Technical College

Jose Esparza
Coordinator of Student Recruitment and Outreach, Big Bend Community College

Gabriel Mast
Project Director/Science Instructor, Bellingham Technical College

Angel Reyna
Director for Workforce Education, Yakima Valley Community College

Amy Warren
Faculty/Program Coordinator for Business Information Technology, Pierce College

Fikru Diro
Program Specialist – Workforce, Shoreline Community College

Sinead Fitzpatrick-Plagge
Director, Workforce Grant Programs, Skagit Valley College

Teresa McDermott
Director for Shelton Campus and Work Integrated Learning, Olympic College

Edward Sargent
Associate Dean, Learning Resources, Lake Washington Technical College

Jamie Wells
Director – South King County Tech Prep Consortium, Green River Community College

Teri Echterling
Program Administrator – Workforce Education, SBCTC

Lori Griffin
Transitional Education Division Chair, District, Pierce College

Monty Prather
Automotive Instructor – Assistant Professor, Columbia Basin College

Dan Von Holten
Assistant Professor, Career and Technical Education, Columbia Basin College

Kenneth Young
Dean of Student Services, SVI/Seattle Central

2009 – 2010 cohort (cohort #4) 

Josh Baker
Program Manager / Prof. Tech Faculty Member, Highline Community College

Greg Brazell
Director of Education Programs, Pierce College

Sandra Davidson
Coordinator, Worker Retraining, Green River Community College

Amy Metcalfe
I-BEST Director & ESL faculty, Pierce College

Wendy Price
Grants Management, South Seattle Community College

Brian Bashinski
Coordinator, Worker Retraining, Lake Washington Technical College

Joyce Carroll
Tech Prep Director, Bellevue Community College

Linda DeFord
Institute for Extended Learning, Assistant Dean/PACE Services, Community Colleges of Spokane

Diana Oltman
Business/IT, Instructor; Computer Education Program, Coordinator, Wenatchee Valley College

Andrea Samuels
I-BEST Program Coordinator, Seattle Central Community College

John Bowers
Workforce Education Director, North Seattle Community College

Deb Casey
Dean of Student Services and Retention, Green River Community College

William (Bill) Holt
Program Coordinator, Faculty, North Seattle Community College

Frank Powers
Dean, Business, Professional Studies and Workforce Education, Spokane Falls Community College

Bill Sanderson
Instructor, Computer Network Technology, Renton Technical College

2007 – 2008 cohort (Cohort #3)

Mary Lockman
Advisor – Worker Retraining, Clark College

Jessica Gilmore
Coordinator Bus Info Technology, Seattle Central Community College

Jenni Martin
Manager WorkFirst & Literacy, Community Colleges of Spokane 
Institute for Extended Learning

Anne Penny
Coordinator – Business Outreach, Edmonds Community College

Jan Stephenson
Director Workforce Ed, North Seattle Community College

Kim Tucker
Asst. Professor of Nursing, Columbia Basin College

Kristine Barnum
Manager – Workforce Program, Community Colleges of Spokane 
Institute for Extended Learning

Barbara Loney
Director – WorkFirst, Shoreline Community College

Tiffany Merkel-Rinke
Program Administrator Workforce Ed, SBCTC

Melody Sims
Project Director – Medical Imaging, Columbia Basin College

Maggie Sutthoff
Director WorkForce Development, Renton Technical College

Dave Cox
Asst Dean for Technical Education & Rural Programs, Highline College

Patricia Love
Coordinator WF & Corrections Training, Pierce College

Riva Morgan
Coordinator – Workforce Ed/Tech Prep, Wenatchee Valley College

Bill Sperling
Manager -Workforce, Cascadia Community College

Erik Tingelstad
Director Workforce Development Services, Highline Community College

2006 – 2007 cohort (cohort #2) 

Cheryl Baddeley
Director Continuing Education, Clover Park

Krista Fox
Dean Professional Tech and Workforce, Green River Community College

Debbie McLaughlin
Director Basic Studies, Renton Technical College

Mary Shannon
Director Tech Prep, Big Bend Community College

Cindy Wilson
District Chair Transitional Education, Pierce College

Pat Copeland
Dean Health & Human Services, Edmonds Community College

Troy Goracke
Job Readiness Training, Bates Technical College

Darlen Molsen
Director Workforce Education, Bellevue College

Durelle Sullivan
Assistant Dean, Workforce and Continuing Education, Centralia College

Terry Cox
Director Workforce Education, Whatcom Community College

Paulette Lopez
Director CoE Allied Health, Yakima Valley Community College

Kerrie Rodriguez
Director Basic Skills, Yakima Valley Community College

Cindy Walker
Assistant Dean, Workforce and Continuing Education, Columbia Basin College

2005 – 2006 cohort (Cohort #1)

Paul Baeder
Instructor, Major Appliance & Refrigeration Technology, Renton Technical College

Tami Clark
Manager of the Job Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Bates Technical College

Mary Garguile
Dean for Workforce Development, Olympic College

Betsy Hale
Associate Dean for WorkSource Development & Employment Services, South Seattle Community College

Katherine Proff
Manager, Economic Development & Tribal Relations, Community Colleges of Spokane
Institute for Extended Learning

Kristi Tripple
Director, Business Training Center, Lake Washington Technical College

Sharon Buck
Dean for Student Learning, Cascadia Community College

Mabel Edmonds
Director for Economic Development, Clover Park Technical College

Shelley Glendenning
Workforce Development Coordinator, Clover Park Technical College, 
South Hill Campus

Noreen Light
Instructor, Emergency Dispatch Program, Renton Technical College

Satpal Sidhu
Dean of Professional Technical Education, Bellingham Technical College

Margaret Turcott
Division Chair/Dean, Bellevue Community College

Kelly Chun
Assistant VP of Instruction, Community Colleges of Spokane
Institute for Extended Learning

Bob Etteldorf
Instructor Civil Engineering & Land Surveying, Bates Technical College

Al Griswold
Associate Dean for Workforce Education, Green River Community College

Donald Miller
Director, Professional-Technical Education, Walla Walla Community College

Jimmy Lou Smith
Testing Specialist, Bates Technical College

“The Deans’ Academy provided me the foundation to go from serving as a Workforce Director to being an effective Workforce Dean and now Vice President of Instruction.”

Angel Reyna
VP of Instruction, Renton Technical College